Bean Coast - A Map for DayZ

Bean Coast for DayZ
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When the zombie apocalypse hits, you’ll need food and water to stay alive. You’ll need a gun and ammunition for the zombies. You’ll need the Bean Coast map for DayZ to help you find it all.

A map of the end of the world.

Let Bean Coast be your guide to the DayZ wilderness. Designed for clarity, this map shows you every road and every town, every hill and valley, every forest and field. A 1km/100m grid lets you find your position accurately, and estimate distances.

See the big picture.
Or the smallest detail.

All 225 km² of Chernarus is at your fingertips. Zoom out to the whole map to plan your journey. Or zoom in over 30x to get a close-up, tactical view and see each individual building.

Find the supplies you need.

Choose your own points of interest. Bean Coast knows all the important buildings and landmarks in Chernarus. With twenty-four individually selectable categories, you see only what is important to you.

The shortest distance is
between two points.

Bean Coast’s measurement tool puts a rangefinder at your fingertips—perfect for zeroing the scope on your rifle. Double-tap to zoom in while measuring, or tap with two fingers to zoom out and get distance and travel time for cross-country distances.

Designed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

Available on the App Store

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